A driving licence  may provide independence to many people and enhance prospects in employment.

Abetaway2drive teach people of all ages and nationalities to drive manual or automatic cars.

Our Accredited Driver Trainers  teach  QSAFE driving standards necessary to pass a Queensland Transport driving test.

Driver Trainers are friendly, patient, calm and lesson focused . Driving lessons are  not random they are planned to help improve individual driving skills.  Skills are assessed , lessons planned, implemented, reviewed and evaluated.

 Our tertiary qualifications in communication skills has showed us how to share information in a way that the receiver understands. We use simple language rather than jargon and technical terms.  We present  information in small chunks rather than overload and confuse. We clarify and reflect  information before moving to the next phase. We demonstrate empathy and sensitivity by listening and giving praise where it is due.  We provide verbal feedback at the end of each lesson and writtten feedback upon request.

Some may need few and some may need many driving lessons to aquire a Queensland drivers licence therefore multi lessons packs are available.